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Authentic casting: I’m Australian-American. I’m Jewish. I’m the child of an immigrant. I’m white and I use she/her pronouns. I don’t identify as having a disability.

Early art-making

Growing Up

I grew up in Denver, Colorado and Brisbane, Australia.

I absorbed my parents' passion for travel, social justice, multiculturalism, creative adventures, and the importance of art as the center of a healthy society.

Broken Box Mime Theater

I discovered mime as an undergraduate at Tufts University, and I remain inspired by this limitlessly expressive medium. Now a steadily growing nonprofit, Broken Box Mime (BKBX) regularly produces original work in NYC and our touring shows take us across the country. Our education wing teaches body positive physical theater-making in preK-12 public schools as well as universities and professional settings.

Henry IV at Shakespeare's Globe // Dir. Bill Buckhurst // Fight Choreography: Jonathan Waller
The Lobster in Marie by Jeana Scotti // Costume by Sarah Zinn
Lord Chief Justice in Henry IV // Dir. Michael Sexton // Set: Angel Borden // Costumes: Crystal Wilkerson // Lighting: Colleen Doherty // Photo: Matt Pilsner

Acting Training

MFA Acting: Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts

My training includes two full years of Meisner, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Williamson Movement, and year-long classical acting residency at Shakespeare's Globe in London.

Photo Credit Bjorn Bolinder.jpg

Teaching Artist

It was a breakthrough to discover that my passion for teaching and theater-making stem from the same impulse. In both contexts, I seek to create conditions under which people may make discoveries, rearrange their thinking, or open a new curiosity.​
I have a Masters degree in Urban Education and have taught full-time in public, private, and charter schools, including two years in the School District of Philadelphia. Yes, Abbot Elementary gets it pretty spot on!
​I'm currently teaching & developing body-centric storytelling curriculum for neurodiverse students in NYC Public Schools, and I tutor elementary and middle school math.


Favorite places I've taught:

- Denver Museum of Nature & Science
- Cambridge University Marlowe Society
- Riverside Parramatta Theatres in Sydney Australia
- NYC Arts Office Professional Development for theater teachers
- NYC D75 Schools for students with disabilities
- Trapezium Math
- The Wilma
- Philadelphia Young Playwrights

A Big Transition

I have yet to find words sufficient to describe the impact my mother's death has had on me, let alone sum up the gratitude I have for her life. I made this collage in grad school when we were prompted to share a representation of our "inner life." The text is a quote from Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things.


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Italy sunshine

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